Whynter Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor


Whynter Wireless Color Video Baby Monitor

Includes camera with transmitter, monitor with receiver, 1 A/V (audio/video) cable (mini-RCA or mini-Scart), 2 power adapters (9V DC, 300mA for camera; 6V DC, 600mA for monitor), camera wall mount kit, wall mounting hardware and user’s manual . Additional camera sold separately . Easy setup . Install and use in minutes . Wireless video/audio monitoring . Built-in infrared illumination for night vision . 2.4 GHz avoids interference with 900 Hz devices (cell phones, wireless phones, wireless alarm, etc.) . Camera can be placed on desk or shelf, or can be mounted on a wall . Video and audio outputs provide connections to video recorder or home TV screen . Audio only feature provides ability to turn video monitor off while audio continues to be monitored so parents can rest in total darkness at night . Voice-activated mode allows you to set the sensitivity of audio level that will trigger the video monitor . Both video monitor and camera can be powered by batteries or by AC power adapter f

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