50 ft Triple 3 RCA Composite Audio Video TV Cable with RG59 Video


50 ft Triple 3 RCA Composite Audio Video TV Cable with RG59 Video

Brand New!!!! These are 50 foot long shielded cables, and have 3- male RCA plugs molded on each end for audio & video hookup. The connectors are gold plated to ensure the absolute most effective signal transfer. Ends are color coded for left and right audio signals plus an 75ohm RG-59 lead for excellent transfer of video signal. They are perfect for home or mobile theater/audio system hookup. Use this with your TV, PC, DVD, VCR, VCP, digital camera etc. Very high quality; you can count on this cord to provide you with years of service. I have had these custom made for our company and have sold hundreds of them with no complaints. They are extremely reliable cables.
I believe in supplying my customers with a QUALITY cord that is priced to sell. You will not be disappointed with these cords, I guarantee it!!! We’ve sold thousands of these to many distributors. Now we’re making them available to you at an incredible price.

Not All RCA Composite Cables Are The Same. There is a difference.

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