25′ 7 Pin S-Video with 3.5mm Audio to 3 RCA Composite Cable PC to TV


25' 7 Pin S-Video with 3.5mm Audio to 3 RCA Composite Cable PC to TV

Commonly used on laptops with 7 pin S-Video jacks. Outputs video by S-Video connection and audio by 3.5mm headphone plug. Works great for watching online TV and streaming video from Netflix. Not recommended for using your TV as a computer monitor as the resolution is limited to the output capability of your PC. Compatibility Note: This 7 pin adapter cable is configured to the industry standard which is the same as a standard 4 pin S-video cable. The 3 additional pins have no function. Some computers have a non-standard 7 pin S-Video jack configuration that utilize the 3 additional pins. We recommend testing your S-Video jack with a 4 pin S-Video cable to assure compatibility before you purchase this adapter cable. Laptop/PC display must be configured to output through the S-Video port. Video quality depends on the capability of the PC. We recommend experimenting with different screen resolutions to get the best picture possible.

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