Sonic SE4000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier


Sonic SE4000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier

Buy the Sonic Super Ear from ActiveForever to improve your listening experience. ActiveForever found the Sonic Super Ear which is like binoculars for your ears. Whether you are experiencing mild to moderate hear loss, or simply want to have the ability to hear the sounds around you more clearly, the Sonic Super Ear will improve your listening experience. For entertainment, professional, or necessity use the Sonic Super Ear provides an inexpensive way to better hear your world. The Sonic Super Ear aids your hearing with an impressive 50 decibels of sound gain. This adaptable hand-held amplifier is small enough to fit in your pocket, or it can be attached to your binoculars, belt, hat or other gear. The microphone covered with a protective foam windscreen, is mounted to 180? swivel boom. Comfortable stereo headphones deliver clear, crisp sound. Sonic Super Ear (4000) Features: * Provides up to 50+ decibels of ambient sound amplification. * Maximum output of 107dB * Frequency response 100

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