Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flush Tilt Dual Hook (1.3″ from wall) Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65 inch Plasma, LED, and LCD TVs Up To VESA 700×400 and 165lbs, Including 10′ Braided High Speed with Ethernet HDMI Cable and 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level


Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flush Tilt Dual Hook (1.3

This mount fits essentially all 32-65″ TVs sold today including any TV with a hole pattern from 100×100 to 700x400mm. From the initial APTMM2B design in 1999 until today, this mount has seen continuous improvement to keep pace with the state-of-the-art 1080P 3D TVs available today. The initial design which extended 3.5″ from the wall has been reduced to 1.3″ while still achieving 15 degrees of tilt to improve your viewing angle and reduce glare. To help our environment, our latest design achieves the same 165lbs of holding capacity with less than 6lbs of steel, which we refer to as the Stronger (Dual Hook) with Less Metal GREEN Design. US homes typically have either 16″ or 24″ studs. The APTMM2B is 27″ wide allowing for up to 3″ of side-to side adjustment even on 24″ studs. Because of this, you may be able to see the APTMM2B mount behind smaller TVs and you may instead want to consider the Cheetah APTMSB for smaller TVs. When wall mounting a TV, often the 6′ cables that come with many

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